Education System in Dominican Republic - An Overview

Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean region. It is the most visited place in the Caribbean with its year round golf courses being the main attraction. Dominican Republic experiences a tropical climate, whereby January and February are the coolest months and August is the hottest month in the year. From November to January people, the northern coast experiences a wet season, while everywhere else in the country it stretches from May to November.

The Education System of Dominican Republic is observed as a division in different economic groups of the country. On one hand the rich students opt for private education, which is offered through religious communities, while on the other hand, poor students cannot complete high school because of financial restrain.

The government of Dominican Republic is carrying out with appropriate reforms to decrease the gap by establishing new schools and colleges, however it is still in progress and only a few amount of population is affected through this opportunity.
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